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Symbol Celltrion Healthcare's symbol in the shape of cell division emphasizes the key characteristics
of the business while embodying diversity and dynamicity through circles.
The green color symbolizes trust and safety associated with Celltrion Group and its products.


Color Regulations

  • ColorBox Green

    Celltrion Healthcare GreenPrimary Colors
    Pantone 361C
    C70 Y100
  • ColorBox Block

    Celltrion Healthcare BlackPrimary Colors
    Pantone 433C
    2XC B100
  • ColorBox Orange

    OrangeSecondary Colors
    Pantone 1505C
    M50 Y100
  • ColorBox Cool Grey

    Dark GreySecondary Colors
    Pantone Cool Grey
    8C B70
  • ColorBox Purple

    PurpleSecondary Colors
    Pantone 266C
    C64 M68
  • ColorBox Gold

    GoldSecondary Colors
    Pantone 872C
  • ColorBox Light Grey

    Light GreySecondary Colors
    Pantone 877C

Logo Type