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회의하며 적고 있는 모습Compliance Management
Celltrion Healthcare has ethics and compliance policies in place that apply to all executives and employees. We also seek to resolve possible conflicts between the company and its employees, the company and its partners, and the company and the authorities in an ethical and amicable manner, and fulfills its social responsibilities for compliance, transparency, fairness, and ethical management

Code of Conduct

깨진 유리와 공의 이미지Ethics Training
Celltrion Healthcare offers global anticorruption policies and codes of ethics that are available online and conducts regular training courses for its employees to identify and respond to potential risks.
전화선 이미지 Compliance Hotline
Anyone can anonymously report or inform compliance concerns. All these concerns will be thoroughly investigated by the company’s Chief Compliance Officer, while the identity of the informer will be strictly protected.


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