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A global leading company specializing in biosimilars' distribution

A biosimilar is a biologic product developed and proven to be biologically identical to a previously approved biologic known as the reference product using the same active substances. Known for its high quality and affordability, the biosimilar has become an innovative medicine for patients with different diseases across the world including Europe and the United States.

The first mAb biosimilar
in the world
Over the past few years, Celltrion Healthcare has been offering biosimilars for the treatment of autoimmune diseases in the global market and accumulating its marketing and distribution knowhow. Biosimilars have enabled patients from all over the world to benefit from a wide range of healthcare services and each country to reduce the fianancial burden associated with health care services.
Introducing new treatment options
by changing the delivery type
The product with a new delivery type will improve patient convenience and offer new treatment options to medical specailists. Celltrion Healthcare will play a crucial role in making this happen based on the prescription data accumulated over many years and the company's success in the global distribution of its products.